You never know how beautiful street cats can be!

Lots of friends asked me what breed Bibi and Yoyo are. It’s difficult to ask, because I don’t know. Perhaps White Cats? While most of the time, I ask: street cats. And what I’m telling today is, you should never underestimate a street cat, you’ll never know how beautiful street cats can be until you bring one home!

Hey, it’s me again, handsome Bibi! Today I’m the spokesman of street cats!


9 months ago, when we took Bibi back from the animal shelter, he was a soft little kitty, with white fur, loved meowing all the time.


But a few months later we were pleasantly surprised to realize that Bibi has cute odd-eyes!

Get closer and you’ll find that I have one yellow eye and one blue eye. Meow!


The odd-eyes became brighter and larger day by day. Sometimes Bibi just stands there, looks at you with the pretty eyes. Then I just want to give him all the tuna cans!


Maybe that’s why Bibi gets fat and big very fast…


Anyway, I don’t care. I have beautiful face, girls like me!


The other spokesman is Yoyo!

I tried to find some of his childhood photos, but I found nothing. Perhaps it’s because Yoyo was too ugly at that time and Pals forgot to take photos for him. It took almost 3 months to cure the ringworm on Yoyo’s face when we first took him back. Yoyo indeed looked poor and ugly at that time. But now he is a gorgeous cat with ocean in his eyes.


Recently, a girl in our office met a little kitty on the commute and took her back to the office. Look how cute she is! Can you imagine how beautiful she will be when she gets 1 year old? Let’s stay tuned!

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