Every cat deserves to be loved

This is a story about 3 cute cats, because of TouchPal, they became best friends of each other.

In mid-November 2016, the weather was bone-chilling in Shanghai as winter had already come, a street cat gave birth to her first litter of kittens.

Clair, a girl lives nearby, found the kittens on her way back home after work. The five little fur balls were cuddling together to warm each other. They seemed to be too afraid to raise head when Clair got close, every kitten was meowing softly as if they were calling their mother.

It made Clair very sad when she realized that these cuties were born to be street cats, with an uncertain life. She wants to change their fates. Thus, she took all the kittens and their mother back home.

It’s not easy for Clair to keep all the 6 cats, as she shares an apartment with several roommates. So, she put the cats online for adoption, and that’s how Pals met the kittens.

All the kittens were sleeping in a box when Pals went to visit them first time, except Bibi. This restless guy was kicking his sleeping brother all the time. Clair told Pals that Bibi is the naughtiest one among all the kittens. Without any hesitation, Pals decided to adopt this funny baby.

Then it turns out that Bibi is indeed an active guy who loves climbing, jumping, running and rolling on the floor all the time. It seems that he needs no resting. Thus, Bibi is so qualified with his job as TouchPal CEO, the chief entertaining officer.

Today Bibi’s sisters and brothers have all been adopted. One of them even went to another city by train.

Compared with Bibi, Yoyo is a quiet and gloomy boy. Perhaps the sadness comes from his childhood.

It was also in the winter of 2016, Yoyo was put in a box and abandoned on the street just after he was born. On Christmas Eve, a dustman heard the kitten mewling and then found the box. When he opened the box, the kitten was huddling himself to keep warm, with ringworm all over his body. The dustman sent the kitten to the animal shelter then. People in the shelter named the kitten Chris, as he was found on Christmas Eve.

The ringworm was so severe that Chris could hardly open his eyes. And he also got a bad cold, which made him sneeze all the time. The emaciated body trembled every time when he sneezed, and tears were always in the corner of his eyes.

Obviously, Chris became the ugliest cat in the animal shelter, few people would like to adopt him, until his photo was sent to Pals. His blue eyes reminded us of our missing cat, Yogurt. Pals went to the shelter and brought Chris back immediately. We changed his name to Yoyo, in memory of Yogurt.

Then it came a long and hard time to treat Yoyo’s disease. Fortunately, Yoyo is a clever boy, he always lay in Pals arms quietly when taking medicine and applying ringworm cream. It took almost 1 month to cure the disease. Anyway, recovered Yoyo really gave Pals a big surprise! When the ringworm around his eyes fully recovered, we found that his blue eyes are huge and round, like sapphires. The ugly kitten finally became a gorgeous prince.

However, even now, Yoyo dares not get close to human by himself, but he craves hugs and caress, always staring at you, waiting for a warm hug.

The third cat in this story is Yogurt. Bibi and Yoyo never met her, but their fates were changed because of Yogurt.

2 years ago, Pals brought Yogurt back from the street and kept this new born kitten in the office. Since then, the cute and beautiful cat lady became TouchPal CEO. She plays on our laptops, printers and coffeemakers. Yogurt had brought so much fun.

But she got missing at the end of 2016, when we busy decorating the office. We left a back door open so that decoration workers can come in conveniently. Yogurt got lost from that door. We are still looking for her, but got no news yet.

In memory of Yogurt, Pals decided to launch a street cat project, and that’s why Bibi and Yoyo came. We are praying every day that someone has adopted Yogurt, and loves her just like we do.


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