Hello, I’m Cat Bibi!

Hello everyone! I’m Bibi! Yes, this is me, a handsome cat.

You may not know about me. But would you mind take 2 minutes listening to my story?

I was born in the winter in 2016, with my 4 sisters and brothers.

It seemed that we were born to be street cats. But every cat has its day! A kind boy brought us and our mother home. And he began to search for adoptions for us when we were 1-month old. Our photos and videos were posted on the internet so that adopters can watch and select. However, no one loved me at first, as I’m too naughty and restless… Anyway, I just love playing!

As time went by, my brothers and sisters all found a new home, except me. But I know I’m waiting for the best one! And yes, they came finally. TouchPalers said that they were infatuated with me in the first sight. Hmm… You guys really have a good taste.

That’s how I came to TouchPal company, got my own office, and became TouchPal CEO. You know, it’s not an easy job!

Hey! Cuddle me!

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