Do you know how difficult it is to take a group photo for cats?

Hey! It’s me, Prince Yoyo!

Pals told me that today I have to take photo shoots with my brother Bibi. I don’t like posing in front of the camera! Anyway, I’ll give a try.

The cameraman says I‘m handsome. Of course I am.

Where’s Bibi? When could we get started?


One hour later… Bibi is still struggling…


No, no photo shooting…


Finally, Bibi got caught.

Bibi: Human… You are fired…


Our CMO is doing massage for Bibi so that he could be quiet and make elegant poses.


It doesn’t work though. Bibi: Nice massage. What’s in this basket?


They just cannot stop running, fighting, rolling and climbing…

Bibi: You smell good! Did you just take a bath?

Yoyo: Stay away from me!


Bibi: How can I get into it?

Yoyo: Lose some weight first.


Bibi is making a good pose! But Yoyo thinks it’s ugly.


Yoyo: Hey! Look at the camera!

Bibi: Where is the camera?


And then Bibi gets tired, lies in a very weird position.

Bibi: I really have to rest. Why it’s so hard to take pictures?


After a few hours of work, we just got some photos like this.

Yoyo: I told you I don’t like camera.

So how do you take pictures for your cats? Let me know if you have any tips…

Friends are always asking: how to tell Bibi and Yoyo apart? They look the same!

It’s easy with these keywords:

Bibi: odd-eyes, a little bit fat, loves lying in weird position.

Yoyo: large blues eyes, thin, a spot of orange hair on the head.


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