The secret of being a good Cat CEO

Hey, it’s me! Yoyo!

Today I’ll talk about me and my brother’s job in TouchPal Inc. Yes, as you know, we are working as CEOs, the chief entertaining officers. What? You think Cat CEOs have nothing to do? Oh no… You know nothing about CEOs, you know nothing about cats!


Hmm… Now let’s get started.

TouchPal is a company producing cool apps, like the TouchPal Keyboard, so the most important thing of our job is coding, oh no, watching the programmers coding. We know nothing about coding, but we are good supervisors!


The second important thing is attending meetings. I think CEO should attend every meeting in the company, and I’m trying my best! It’s not easy.


The third is working out in the recreation room. You know, a good CEO should keep in a good shape. Bibi loves table tennis! Hmm… I like watching him playing.


Fourth, sitting in an elegant position so that the staffs could cuddle us, massaging us and express their love to us.


What’s more, we need to take care of the plants in the office. Anyway, if I ruined some of them, I never let Pals know.


Sometimes we get tired and take a nap with our staffs. Sometimes we work as models so that they could take nice pictures. And most of the time we are running and jumping in the office. Pals told us that it makes them feel relaxed and happy just watching us playing besides their laptops. Oh, you human are really hard to understand.


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