Who’s Cat Yogurt?

It has been 8 months since Yogurt got missing. We have to accept the fact that we may never find her.


You may not know about Yogurt. She is an ordinary white cat, but she is so special for pals.

3 years ago, Yogurt was born on the street. She was trembling with cold when we found her in the grass, and her mom wasn’t there. Pals decided to adopt this poor kitty. But she was so vigilant that no one could get close to her.


Anyway, every cat loves food and boxes! Pals put a bottle of yogurt into a box, and placed it in front of the kitty. Yes, after watching and smelling for a few minutes, she went into the box, and was taken back to Pal’s office! Now you know why we call her Yogurt!


Thus, Yogurt started her life with Pals. Pals needed a CEO, the chief entertaining officer, and Yogurt deserved the position!


It’s not easy to be a good CEO.

Yogurt: I need to attend meetings, take naps with my employees, watch them working, playing on the printers, laptops, projectors and more… Oh, there are so much work to do.

It really made us feel relaxed when we play with Yogurt after a busy work day.


The accident happened at the end of last year, when Yogurt was 2 years old. At that time, we were busy decorating our office as we needed more spaces for new recruited employees. We left a back door opened so that the decoration workers could came in and our more conveniently. Yogurt went out from that door, and never came back.


We tried everything to find Yogurt, but failed.

In memory of Yogurt. We launched a street cat project, Bibi and Yoyo are the first 2 kitties we adopted. Now they are living in Yogurt’s room, playing on her trees and blankets, and waiting for Yogurt with us.

We’ll never lose hope.

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