How it feels to work with cats?

Yes, we work with cats! Cat Bibi and Yoyo are our colleagues, well, actually, CEOs.

Lots of friends ask me, how it feels to work with cute cats? Does it feel relaxed and happy?

Hmm… Perhaps yes…

Sometimes when the programmers are busy coding, Yoyo just lies in the sunshine and looks at them.


Bibi loves staying in the recreation room and watching us working out.


After lunch, they just take a nap with us.


Everything seems so peaceful, right? But it’s just how it looks. While the reality is…

They fight with each other in the meeting room.


They sit in your seat and refuse to move away even if you tell them that you need to sit and work now.


Bibi loves doing code review when you are coding.


And sitting in the front row when having meetings…


As CEOs, they will frown on you when you’ve done something wrong.


Drink your water when you go to the washroom.

Now you’ve got to know the office life with cats. But anyway, we love them with no reasons! Look at the deep and beautiful eyes. How can you say no to such cutie pies!

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