TouchPal Keyboard expands GIF support with Tenor

TouchPal has updated its award-winning Android keyboard app with new GIF functionality from Tenor. TouchPal users will now have access to GIF search and trending GIFs, among other features, to let its 712 million users better express their thoughts and feelings through GIFs.


With its updated Tenor GIF integration, TouchPal users can peruse and share the most popular GIFs of the moment, or search for the GIF that best expresses their emotions. GIFs can be accessed by tapping the emoji button in the TouchPal Keyboard; GIFs are also suggested to typers through contextual keywords. TouchPal has implemented Tenor’s API such that when certain emotion-based keywords are typed (e.g. “excited” or “crying”), GIFs are proactively suggested in a pop-up above the keyboard for quick & easy sharing.


Mobile users are increasingly looking for more and better ways to visually express themselves. Recent research conducted by Tenor and Harris Interactive shows 77% of people who communicate through images within messaging apps prefer to use GIFs over other visual & text formats, including emoji, stickers and words.


TouchPal is the latest keyboard app to update their GIF experience using the Tenor GIF API. Tenor works with a range of messaging services and apps to help their users more creatively & personally communicate via mobile device; typically apps that add GIFs quickly see increased engagement, which remains high after implementation.


Founded in 2008, TouchPal is dedicated to improving the usability of mobile devices through the innovative software it designs and brings to the market. TouchPal Keyboard has over 712 million users distributed in 157 countries, and supports 127 languages. Most well-known smartphone brands, such as OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, HTC, and etc., preload TouchPal as the default keyboard of their devices.


More than 250 million people each month use Tenor to add tone to their mobile messaging conversations by adding GIFs that visually communicate their thoughts and feelings — better than words ever could. Tenor process more than 250M mobile search requests daily and have used this data to build the Tenor Emotional Graph, which powers its GIF Keyboard app and GIF sharing for partners including Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Gboard, Kik, LinkedIn, TouchPal and others. Learn more about becoming a Tenor GIF API partner here. Follow Tenor on Twitter & Facebook.


Love a good GIF? Dig data insights? Download TouchPal Keyboard for free via Google Play. Follow TouchPal on Facebook and Twitter.


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