6 Keyboard Themes You Can’t Miss for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of our favorite keyboard themes for the celebration of romance ❤️😚. Here are 6 keyboard themes perfect for Valentine’s Day:

No.1💗Sparkling Heart💗

With the sparkling heart keyboard theme, pink sparkling hearts will pop-up on your screen as you type on the keyboard.

TouchPal Sparkling Heart Keyboard Theme, download free here.

No. 2 🌹Red Neon Heart🌹

See how your heart beats in the background as you chat with your crush with the red neon heart keyboard theme.

 TouchPal Live 3D Red Neon Heart Keyboard Theme, download free here.

No. 3 ❄️Pink Snow Flower❄️

If it’s snowing where you live, the pink snow flower ❄️ theme is perfect for you! The snowflakes and pink background is sure to put you in a festive spirit.


TouchPal Pink Snow Keyboard Theme, download free here.

No. 4 Floating Love Heart

Can’t go wrong with a big red heart for Valentine’s Day!

TouchPal Live Floating Love Heart Valentine Keyboard Theme, download free here.

No. 5 🐦Cute Pink Flamingo🐦

Isn’t it cute how the necks of two flamingos facing each other form a heart?
Share to your friends who are big fans of flamingos.😍😍😍😍

TouchPal Cute Pink Flamingo Keyboard Theme, free download here

No. 6 Engraved Red Heart

There is one more big red heart with the word “Love” written on it. Isn’t it just beautiful and lovely?

TouchPal Love Red Heart Sweet Valentine’s Keyboard Theme, download free here.

Don’t wait! These Valentine’s Day keyboard themes are here for only a limited time.
Download the TouchPal Keyboard free on Google Play today to enjoy these special Valentine’s Day keyboard themes.

Want more details? Watch this on YouTube Channel:

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