3 Ways to Type Faster with the TouchPal Keyboard

As smartphones become a bigger part of our lives, more people have begun relying on mobile keyboard apps to improve productivity. Whether we use it for chatting or posting new statuses, these keyboard apps can save us a lot of time. Integrated with advanced technology, the TouchPal Keyboard is designed to offer you both a smart and fun typing experience.


Here are three unique TouchPal Keyboard features that can help boost productivity.

1. Swipe to type and delete

Although the concept of swiping to type has been around for many years, TouchPal has mastered the simplicity of gesture typing – gliding between different keys to form words. The keyboard will accurately identify and input the word you are trying to type.


For example, if you’re trying to type the word “Nice” — start on the letter “N” and glide to “I” then “C” and finally “E”. When you’re done swiping the word, lift your finger off the screen to automatically input the word.

Glide typing in action

Words can be quickly deleted one at a time by holding down the delete key, swiping left, and releasing. To delete multiple words at once, select the text you want to delete and swipe left over the delete key.

2. A dedicated row for numbers

It can be annoying to have to double click on letters or switch between keyboards to access and input numbers. To solve this nuisance, users can now add an extra row of numbers above the QWERTY keyboard.


Adding a number row to the TouchPal Keyboard is incredibly simple. Tap the TouchPal icon at the top-center of the keyboard then toggle on the “Number row. You’ll now be able to see a dedicated row of number above the QWERTY keyboard.

Access number keys much more quickly

3. Resize your keyboard

The keyboard resizing feature is designed to make multitasking easier. You’ll now be able to resize and reposition the keyboard for one-handed typing no matter how big your phone screen is.


To resize your keyboard, press the TouchPal icon at the top-center of the keyboard followed by the resize icon to change the keyboard to your preferred size. Resizing can be adjusted for both hands.

Resize your keyboard

The TouchPal Keyboard is available and free to download on Google Play and the App Store. Download today and show your friends how efficient you are at typing!

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