5 fun facts you might not know about St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on March 17th, people all around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to honor Irish culture. Here are 5 interesting facts and 5 keyboard skins with green color for St. Patrick’s Day:

Fact No.1 St. Patrick was not Irish

He was actually British and his name wasn’t Patrick—it was actually Padraig. After he became a priest, he introduced Christianity to Ireland.

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Reason to use: It’s clear and straightforward. Helps you get into the holiday spirit.

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Fact No. 2 The shamrock was used by St. Patrick as a metaphor

Most people don’t know why or how the shamrock became associated with St. Patrick’s Day. The three-leaf clover was established as the symbol for St. Patrick’s Day mainly because St. Patrick himself used it to illustrate the Holy Trinity in Christianity.

Keyboard Theme Recommendation: St. Patrick’s Day Special

Reason to use: It has all the elements to St. Patrick’s Day including green shamrocks, leprechaun hats, and gold coins.

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Fact No. 3 The Chicago River is dyed green

On St. Patrick’s Day, many places around the world use the color green to celebrate the Irish holiday. The city of Chicago dyes the Chicago River green which typically lasts for five hours.

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Fact No.4 The first U.S. St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in 1762  

On March 17th, 1762, the first U.S. St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in the New York City.

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Reason to use: Daisies are commonly associated with happiness and luck. Imagine using this keyboard on a gloomy day. Wouldn’t it just make you happy?

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Fact No. 5 Ireland has no snakes

Legend has it that St. Patrick himself drove all the snakes from Ireland into the sea. However, many scientists believe that Ireland has no snakes because the environment is too cold for snakes to live in. Who is correct?

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* Note: Some information are referred to Wikipedia or Internet.   


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